As well as designing and manufacturing nearly all of its in-house exhibits, Techniquest has a large range of Interactives suitable for both short term and long term hire. Our exhibits are some of the world’s best examples of classic science centre interactives, all developed to Techniquest’s stringent in-house quality standards.  Techniquest’s interactives are:

  • Modular. Each exhibit is a standalone item without the need for supporting furniture or scenography. This eliminates the need for complex fixings allowing for fast installation and decommissioning and by reducing cost of transportation. It also means that significant elements of the installation and decommissioning work can be undertaken by non-Techniquest staff, further reducing costs. The number and size of our exhibits means we can fill almost any exhibition space, no matter its shape and size .
  • Self supporting. The exhibits are either inherently stable, sitting directly on the floor, or in some cases need minor fixings for stability (such as woodscrews)
  • A combination of unpowered and powered, reducing need for large numbers of power outlets. Exhibits plug directly into a standard UK 240V supply.
  • Designed to Techniquest’s consistent in-house style. This look and feel allows combinations of exhibits to be put together at will, eliminating inconsistencies and creating a design style which appeals to all audiences.
  • Incredibly flexible allowing for events to be stand-alone and unstaffed. Techniquest can train on-site staff in the skills needed for successful facilitation, which can reduce the hire cost.
  • Bilingual. Each exhibit is supplied with an instruction label which can accommodate two languages. The labels are easily switched, allowing different languages and branding to be introduced easily and cheaply.

Download the Musiquest leaflet here